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Evénement No. 1961

The computational neuroanatomy of speech production in the context of a dual stream framework for language

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ILCB lunch talk

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séminaire BLRI

Auteur :

Greg Hickok

Affiliation :

Cognitive Sciences & Language Science - University of California Irvine

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AMU, Campus St Charles, salle des Voûtes, Marseille

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* 12h Prof. Greg Hickok (Cognitive Sciences & Language Science - University of California Irvine)
* 13h Lunch

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The dual stream framework for the cortical organization of language is grounded in evolutionary biology in that it proposes an organization that is homologous to that found in non-linguistic sensorimotor systems from which it is hypothesized to have evolved. While it was controversial when first proposed in the early 2000s, a substantial body of evidence now supports the basic claims. Significant progress has been made in working out the functional anatomy of the model, particularly the dorsal auditory-motor pathway, which will be the primary focus of this talk. I will provide a brief overview of the dual stream framework, show how well-established psycholinguistic models of speech production are neatly relatable to it, and then detail a decade of progress in understanding the neuroanatomy and some computational details of dorsal stream function. A major conclusion is that the integration of psycholinguistic and motor control models of speech production represents a promising new direction for research on the neurobiology of speech and language progressing, including its evolutionary origins.

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