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Evénement No. 1916

Information-oriented and cross-language aspects on speech and cortical rhythms

Cycle :

ILCB lunch talk

Type :

séminaire BLRI

Auteur :

François Pellegrino

Affiliation :

DDL UMR5596 (CNRS & Université de Lyon)

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Marseille St Charles, Amphi des Sciences Naturelles

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During the last two decades a growing body of evidence has shown a close relationship between temporal structure of speech and neural oscillatory activities, especially in the theta and gamma bands. More specifically, several recent models suggest that the neural capacity to track speech dynamics and rhythmic patterns is crucial for speech processing and understanding. However, it is well known that speech periodicity is limited and thus that the story is probably more complex than acknowledged previously.
In this talk I present results of a cross-language comparison of 17 languages in terms of syllabic speech rate, Shannonian information rate and of their shared tendency to very unevenly distribute information among their segments and syllables. These results are discussed in the light of cortical rhythms in the theta band and I introduce a (very) speculative hypothesis stating that there may be a functional distinction between syllables whose role is to convey information and syllables whose role is to provide a rhythmic carrier entraining neural oscillations.

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